Editorial Policy

At Niyukti Portal, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, and fairness across all our content. Our editorial team is committed to delivering informative, engaging, and dependable information to our audience. To ensure the trustworthiness of our platform, we follow these editorial principles:

  1. Accuracy and Verification: We meticulously verify the accuracy of all information before publication, relying on reputable sources and thorough fact-checking procedures.
  2. Transparency: Our content is transparently sourced and referenced, with all claims and data supported by credible citations.
  3. Impartiality and Objectivity: We maintain impartiality and objectivity in our reporting, steering clear of bias, personal opinions, or external influence.
  4. Editorial Independence: Our editorial decisions are uninfluenced by advertisers or sponsors, guided solely by journalistic integrity and audience interests.
  5. Corrections and Updates: Any errors in our content are promptly corrected, with transparent acknowledgment, and ongoing updates to ensure accuracy.
  6. Respect for Copyright: We uphold intellectual property rights, creating original content or properly attributing sourced materials.
  7. User Generated Content: User contributions are moderated to align with our editorial standards and terms of service, ensuring a respectful and enriching community environment.
  8. Ethical Integrity: We adhere to ethical journalism standards, refraining from promoting hate speech, discrimination, or any form of harm.
  9. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: We transparently disclose any potential conflicts of interest involving team members or contributors.
  10. Feedback and Accountability: We value audience feedback and promptly address concerns or questions, fostering transparency and accountability through our contact us page.